Need an opening
Keynote Speech
that will set up your
participants for success?

This dynamic, entertaining & funny presentation will help your group get the most out of the conference. They'll learn things like: 

  • How to take notes that you will USE

  • Collective brainstorming

  • How to determine what actions steps to take

  • Networking without spewing out a canned "elevator speech"

  • How to attend two breakouts at once

Not Another "Canned" Presentation

After learning what keeps your attendees up at night with worry, Fred will create a one-of-a-kind experience for them. Not another "talking head" speaker but one who will: 

  • Customize the presentation

  • Keep them laughing

  • Help them to relieve stress

  • Keep them OFF their smart-phones

  • Educate them to RETAIN what they learn

Is this the right
Keynote for your event?


There's only one way to find out; schedule a phone call with Fred right now to determine if you're a fit. Even if you're not, Fred will help point you in the right direction...yeah he's that kind of guy.

Fred's only goal is to help you have an incredible meeting that will be the talk of your industry!

What's The Next Step?

You can't possibly make such an important decision about your event from just looking at a website. In fact if you're reading this that means you have NOT eliminated myself from the possibility of making your event even better.

Use the contact form below to start a conversation about your event...or be BOLD and call me: 407-438-5389

Even if I'm not a fit for your meeting I can probably help you find someone who IS...yes I'm that kind of guy!